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Pics: Tobefast lighted plate frame & Targa exhaust heel guard

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A couple of quick pics of two "mods" I installed today.

First is this exhaust guard, from Targa.. It fits well, stays in place and I don't even notice it's there. I definitely prefer the look of the exhaust without it, but this is still pretty snazzy looking and absolutely looks better than a pipe covered with rubber and a melted boot.

Next is the lighted plate frame from, which I ordered on the advice of a few people here. It's awesome. Looks great, is solid cast, fits perfect and comes with allen head bolts. They were out of stock when I ordered, and Tobefast was very good with communication and shipped it to me express mail because of the wait. Cheers to them - great guys to deal with. They even tossed in some stickers.

Both very good products, I just wish the Two Brothers M5 came with a slicker exhaust guard so I didn't need the Targa piece. (I know that exhausts like LeoVinci for example come with a slick carbon one screwed right into the pipe).

Good stuff either way.
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beautiful. I swear, if you keep posting pics Im going to have to go out and get a brand new bike afterall.
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