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Huh ?
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Took these last week. 99% of them on Manual mode, besides the ones my wife took and the ones an outsider took.

For some reason they show up a little darker on my work PC than on my home PC. :(

Edited briefly using lightroom, gallery created using lightroom.

Critique me for how they turn out in terms of color + focus + brightness + sharpness. Don't critique me for creativity yet please :D

It would help if I put the link eh? : - /sandiego/

This one was damn difficult to click :eek:

And the detail with which they build legoland is amazing too. This is part of the white house:

I Wangs
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well the ones above:

the bird is dark. it's hard because the metering on the camera probably metered on the sky. so unless you use spot metering and a nice zoom that's just the way it is. try adding in some exposure compensation.

the legos is really cool but blown out in a lot of spots. use the recovery in lightroom and see if it brings some back.

in the other shots on the web page, alot seem like snap shots. on the animals like this one below, IF YOU CAN, try squatting down to their level instead of just snaping the photo looking down at them.

same thing for the legos. in the shots of the small buildings and people, or the row boats, try to get lower and then take the shot.

it looks like you tried that here.
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