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Hey guys I plastidipped my stock wheels white and snapped some pictures while i was at it. I did this with my wheels on and have a couple of techniques and tips that i found online and going to share. Ill be going over the preparation process, spraying, and cleaning procedures.

Im sure most of you know what plastidip for for those of you who dont its pretty much rubber in a spray can. Very durable but also easy to peel off when you want. Comes in a variety of colors. I currently have dipped my wheels, emblems and inside trim.


Cleaning the wheels:
Make sure your wheels are clean first i washed my car and then did the wheels extremely well. Make sure the wheels are completely dry, any water will bead up with the plastidip and make it less durable. I would go as far as leaving the car in the sun for a few hours because drying inside the lug nuts was a bit difficult.

Once everything is clean and dry now its time to start preparing for the dip. Since im dipping with the wheels on, i needed to mask the rotors and calipers. So i cut a trashbag in half to create two "legs".

You can thread one leg inside the wheels and wrap the rotors up and then do the same with the other leg.

It takes a few minutes to get all the rotors covered and i found it easier than removing all the wheels. I used painters tape to make sure there wasnt any exposed places, like this:

Make sure the trashbag isnt touching any part of the wheel as the dip could mold to it and ruin the job.

Next up is tire shine, using tire shine makes it a WHOLE lot easier removing the dip from the wheels.

All ready to go.


When to ready to start dipping make sure the wheel is once again dry, (no water or tire shine on the wheel) also double check to make sure the bag isnt touching the back part of the wheel.

Shake your can of dip up for a min or so and start the spraying. Its better to start on the outside of the wheels and then move to the inner parts. Keep the coats light and keep moving. The lighter the coats the better, less textured finish. Dont worry about getting all the parts of the wheels, since its your first coat, shot for about 40-50% opacity. Make sure you do a layer of dip around of RIM onto the tire, the more dip on the tire the easier it is to peel off.

You can see some buildup at the grooves, thats why you need to keep moving the can and cover quickly. The first coat is ok because i got a bunch more to cover that up.

Let the dip dry for 7-10min and start the second coat. Avoid puddling up the dip by keeping about 10in spray distance. Once again always spray up and onto the rim of the wheels and tire on your final pass. Crack open your moms beer while you wait :yum:

Same process for the second coat except shoot for about 75% coverage. Wait about 7min. Push back the back about 2 feet and start the 3rd coat. Doing this makes it easier to get those inbetween spaces much easier and ensures a full coverage. Double check the bag before spraying to see if it is touching part of the wheel.

By the 3rd coat you should be fully covered. I did 1 more coat, moved the car back 2 feet again, and did another final coat. After each coat, make sure you keep spraying up onto the tire.

So it looks pretty covered but since these wheels are hard to dip i had to keep going over the inner parts with light coats.
This is with a 3rd coat, the outside if fully cover, inside still needs more:

I believe this was my 5th coat of white:

Everything seemed nice and covered so i let it dry for 10min and brought out the gloss.

I went ahead and used 2 coats of glossifier, which makes the wheels look glossy :ninja2: If you decide to use this, make sure you spray this thicker than the dip, treat it as if it was clear coat.

1 coat of gloss:

I added another coat of gloss and let everything dry for at least and hour or two and going out and remove the bags. You can peel off the dip from the tire in one big layer and use a microfiber to wipe off the remaining dip. Any tough spots, goo gone can be used.

Peeling of the tire:

Use a microfiber to rub off any overspray on the car, easily comes right off.

Finished wheels:


To clean your wheels, especially mine since they are white, i used this stuff called purple power.

Any kind of degreaser will work though. Just spray it on and wipe it off. has this stuff called brake dust pro which is supposed to clean the wheels without touching them, 20 bucks a pop. Dipped wheels, with more than 4-5 coats you can pretty much treat as normal.

2 days of driving:

2 days of driving:

Purple Power: Eats off most of the loose particles

Wiped down and clean:

If you dipped correctly there wont be any "lifts" or tears in the dip and will last a long time, my friend had his black for about 2 years now and still look great; thats through PA winters too. If you do have a lift or tear you can start that wheel over or be careful when cleaning it. If it starts to get worse, try to dab some paint thinner on it, that will "melt" the dip back to its liquid form and you can let that dry and reapply dip there.

The key to dipping is 5 or more light coats, 7-10min drying time, and clean preparation. Lots of videos on youtube showing how to do this, thought ill pass it on to club3g. has tons of colors: gold, anthracite, gunmetal, yellow, blue, orange, camos, greens and a ton more. I used about 3 cans of white dip and 2 cans of gloss for my 4 wheels.

Hope somebody found this useful

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THanks for this amazing post. I am interested to plastidip my saranno red eclipse gt rims the same color you have (i'm also thinking gold). anyway I see you have posted this up in 2013. now it's 2016 so can you tell me how well has the plastidip held up so far?
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