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Please HELP!

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I was on the project of replacing all my gaskets. Starting with the valve cover gasket and already a problem.

Well you know how people use a little rtv to keep the gasket in place, well whoever owned this car before me rtved the hell out of it and now i can't get the gasket out (scraping method) with out bending the alluminum valve cover.:mad:

I've also tried a gasket remover solvent from Advance Auto called Permatex Gasket Remover. This shit did everything but but loosen the gasket. It freakin took the paint off the valve cover so when i do get the gasket out I've also got to repaint it.

Please. Any Ideas at all would help.
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Sit down at a work bench and take your time to scrape it away.
Thats why you let the car warm up really good and then take it off. Go put it in the oven, heat it up really good and then try again.
Is there a coating on the inside of the valve covers?

i plan on using Dupli-Color High Temp Paint for the outside but i don't want flakes of paint in my oil if i do the inside. should i tape off and just do the outside or go ahead and do the whole thing?
What!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? You dont paint the inside dude! :uh:
Get it powdercoated :agreed:
Dont spray the bottom of the cover either.
What!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? You dont paint the inside dude! :uh:
No? Dang...I was going to suggest a rug to tie it all together.

Powdercoating is a good suggestion. It's durable and looks kickass.
i just painted mine and i used ford red hi temp heat paint the 1200 kind. and i put like 5 coats on it and it looks kick ass.. also i have another spare valve cover that i will sell for 40 if your intrested.
i was asking about the inside because if there is any coating on it that gasket remover definitely stripped it all off.
There is no coating on the inside!!!!! :uh: and do not paint the inside either! there would be no need for it anyways!
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