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Porting exhaust manifold ?

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Hey guys. I know that this is a stupid idea but in the sake of having a street legal, emissions passing car, what would I be looking at as far as a price or hassle to get my exhaust manifolds ported and matched to the gaskets ?

I know that this will never give the power of headers, but it will definitely help it "exhale" a little better. Has anyone ever done this and gained anything from it. As restrictive as the stock manifold is with the precats and everything, I figure that anything will help but I just happened to buy one of the cars in america with the most strict emissions possible.

Even if I only gain 8-10 hp that would be cool ? Any possibilities that this would be remotely worth a little extra cash I have lying around or would I just be better off saying "fuck it".......:sadwavey:
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Just say screw it man. I doubt you would see any gains. They would be very minimal if any. I dont even think you gain 8 to 10 hp with headers on our cars.:sad:
No difference - you still have the restrictive pre-cats.
Say "fuck it". I dont see how you would even get 5+hp from it.
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