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Possessed Car...Starts by Itself

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Any help would be great...

So i have a 03 gs with a clifford matrix 20.5x remote start alarm system. I switch the remote itself to a Viper and everything is cool...recently my car just starts by remote beeped and when i looked at the screen it showed that the car is on, went outside and switched it off... 3 hours later same thing, the remote beeps and the car is on!!! im not sure how long this has been happening but it was fine as of two months ago.

The car has been in a container cuz i was shipping it across seas. THis is the first time it does this?

Has anyone encountered this?? Is the problem in the remote itself or the wiring in the car or what??

Thanks in advance
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im not sure if it is an option on your model but im sure it can set the car to start at a certain time of day etc...for example you work everyday and set it for 630 or so berfore you leave so the car is ready by the time you get to may have set it by accident...i would refer to the manuals the alarm came with and see how to start/ disarm that setting
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