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Possible Body Kit Install

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I was in an accident andi was considering installing a body kit instead of going OEM.

But i do not know if i am capable of installing it myself.

So i was wondering if there is anyone in the Ohio area that would be interested in installing it for me, i will pay you for installing it.

I am located in Bellaire, Ohio.

If i do not have any interest by monday im letting the body shop fix it.

Plz any help would be appreciated, or if anyone has a link on a how to.
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body kits should be fairly easy depending on if its poly urethane or fiber glass.
I was told it is a COMPLETE PITA.

Either way, its going to the body shop, and once that is payed off maybe i will start a body kit piece by piece.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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