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price quote please

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hey all, i have a question for all those who ever needed some serious body work, ive searched and could not find the answer to my question. i have an 02 gt that was in a front end collision, i need a new radiator support put in. my question is, about how much does it cost to have a radiator support welded in, i can do all the other work, i just dont have the stuff to weld in a new support, any info would be great, thanks.... not sure if this was the right place to post.
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The price will vary all over the country. Call a local shop and ask them.. why ask us?
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well i kinda wanted to kno if ne one else had sumthin silmilar done, and compre prices so i kno if im getting ripped off or not and its seems sum members do auto body repair and they could give me there 2cents
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