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ive been searcing now for a couple of days but i was wondering what projectors are the best that have the h1 bulb in them..

input is great

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Sonars use H1. Depo use H7.

I personally use sonars.
If you buy the projector/HID combo from joey than they come ready to plug-n-play :)
cause i just got a really good buy on the sonars just wondering what headlight would be the best

and i just noticed that i totaly misspelled that title
cause when im looking at them it doesnt really specify

Thoes are the sonars if im not mistaken right?
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lmao i was gonna make fun of you for not being able to spell right but you caught yourself.
WRONG FORUM. Since when are projectors "performance" related? Show and shine.
Check the "for sale" section. there is a member running a projector + HID sale. Any choice of the four projectors plus any temp for the HID. Its a good deal
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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