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Professional Window Tinting Available - South Boston, VIRGINIA

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A lot of you already know us from selling on the forums for the past many years. We also have a shop in South Boston, Virginia 24592. I figured I would put up a post because we are not offering window tinting services. We have an installer that has been tinting since 1989 and does so for Llumar Automotive Films. All tint jobs come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car. The name of the shop is THE SHOP and we are located at 1096 Huell Matthews Hwy – South Boston, VA 24592. A price list is below and you can call us or make a post.

2 roll down windows $75
Single Back Window $95
s10/ranger size single cab $104
s10/ranger size single cab with vent windows $155
s10/ranger size single cab with sliding back window $155
1500/Full Size Truck 4 door with sliding back $209
2 door car $209
4 door car $235
SUV / VAN $289
1956 station wagon $260

If you have any questions or need anything else for your ride just let us know. We have access to over 1750 brands of aftermarket performance parts, styling, wheels/tires, audio/video, & accessories.


Justin DeMatteo
Import Car Parts Plus - Online
The Shop - Storefront
1096 Huell Matthews Hwy.
South Boston, VA 24592
[email protected]
AOL Messenger - SmoothGalant2
Yahoo Messenger - importcarpartsplus
MSN Messenger – [email protected]
Google Talk – [email protected]
Phone 1-434-470-4469
Shop 1-804-365-6968
Fax 1-434-572-1117
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