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Putting full WRX suspension on my Forester.

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I have the springs in the basement, shocks coming next week. Going to pick up a bunch of Whiteline bushings.

So, she will be slow but she is going to handle real tight.

Yea, I know.:loser: I can live with that.:)

Done and rims are done:

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It took me fucking six clicks to see if anyone had posted in this thread and nobody has!?!

God this forum is fucking pathetic (because of the shit server).
Thanks for the offer, it is done and it handles better then any other car I have owned.

I am going to fry these tires so fast.
Mine were brand new two months ago, I've got about 5k miles on them before I'm on the wear nubs :lol:
Did you do anything with the sway bars? What size do you have?
WRX sway bar. :) I think it is a 22mm but not sure.
A forester would be fun to mod. love the looks and potential of being an extreme sleeper

WRX sway bar. :) I think it is a 22mm but not sure.
FYI: the wrx sedans are 20mm for the bugeye gen, 17mm rsb for later years, wagons have tiny 17mm rsb. 22mm rsb would be aftermarket, even on stis (20mm). All FSB = 20mm.
Have you had a chance to play with it yet?
Wanna trade wheels? :D
Oh yea I have been playing with her. :)

And in the morning I am going to drive to a little town out in the country to check out an art show. Lots of back roads. :)
What type and size tire are you running? If you dont plan on up-grading rims for a while you should run the Potenza RE-01R's. They run in stock size for 109 each at Tire Rack. Rims looks good, I did mines bronze before up-grading.

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I just picked up a set of wheels and tires for $80.
Pirelli P-Zero Nero's!!! Still lots of tread left! I'm going to take pics today...
Could a moderator please move this to Members Rides?

Thank you so much.
Didn't like that Carr Light Bar so I fabricated one of my own.

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