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Q's about 2004 stock audio

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Hi there! I'm new to these forums.
My daughter's 2004 4 cyl (base model: no spoiler or sun roof from factory) has what speakers in it? 5.25" or 6.75" on door and rear panels?

I just dropped a Sony Xplod unit in it and have some 5.25" already... just asking before I dig in and find decent Infinity speakers and wish I hadn't wasted my time.

I am building a 1.5 cu ft 10" ported sub box too (Planet Audio 400w RMS w/Memphis 1100w amp)... I will post pics/video of that too :)
Thanks! Tim
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for being a guru, i find this thread lackluster.

your attitude does kind of piss me off. you feel that your time is more important then ours, so instead of taking time to look for your answer, you would rather use that time to make a new post regarding a topic that hundreds have answered already(i know for a fact i have answered that question at least 10 times)?

i think you should start looking the "post whores" area of off topic-- i predict a run-in with Sam in your future...
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