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Q's about 2004 stock audio

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Hi there! I'm new to these forums.
My daughter's 2004 4 cyl (base model: no spoiler or sun roof from factory) has what speakers in it? 5.25" or 6.75" on door and rear panels?

I just dropped a Sony Xplod unit in it and have some 5.25" already... just asking before I dig in and find decent Infinity speakers and wish I hadn't wasted my time.

I am building a 1.5 cu ft 10" ported sub box too (Planet Audio 400w RMS w/Memphis 1100w amp)... I will post pics/video of that too :)
Thanks! Tim
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Lol this thread made me laugh. Disappointed in el guapo for telling this guy anything. Don't worry we still love you guap. As far as this guy if you don't like the forum leave bitch and search sir on google like the ready of us. We don't work for you, this is mainly a database of info for YOU NEED TO READ, not for us to spoon feed you. People spend a lot of time taking pictures and writing up thread and you want cliff notes. Getting yourself banned fi rom your best source of info's probably not the smartest idea. Patiently waiting for Sam to chime in. :sly:
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