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Q's about 2004 stock audio

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Hi there! I'm new to these forums.
My daughter's 2004 4 cyl (base model: no spoiler or sun roof from factory) has what speakers in it? 5.25" or 6.75" on door and rear panels?

I just dropped a Sony Xplod unit in it and have some 5.25" already... just asking before I dig in and find decent Infinity speakers and wish I hadn't wasted my time.

I am building a 1.5 cu ft 10" ported sub box too (Planet Audio 400w RMS w/Memphis 1100w amp)... I will post pics/video of that too :)
Thanks! Tim
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Here's your one free-bee...Now Start searching.
Front door: 6.75" or oversized 6.5"
Tweeters: 3/4"
Rear panel: 6 x 9"
Center Dash: 3.5"

There you go.

EDIT: Don't assume. And They are 3 way.
they can handle about 15-20watts RMS each.
If you don't plan on replacing the radio or adding an amp you need to look for speakers that are 4ohms (its the most popular impedance used on inside speakers) don't require anymore than about 25-30watts RMS and have the highest sensitivity you can find because a speaker with a sensitivity rating that's 3 dB higher than another speaker's only needs half as much power to deliver the same amount of sound-- if not the sound will be distorted as you begin to get the volume about halfway up
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It's not a smart ass comment, It's a suggestion so you don't keep getting your ass chewed.
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