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Question about Boost Guage

hey peeps..

just upgraded to Stage III of the SDS

now.. since i am in the "learning mode" drive style now.. i am putting a lot of boost at all.. may be 2psi or 3.. and thats it.. till i hit the 1k miles mark

my question is

lets say i am driving on the freeway, RPM is at 2500 or 3000.. and speed would be like 50 or 60... or close
or even i have the cruise control on

the boost guage should show me.. below 0 correct? or at 0, since i am not flooring the gas pedal.?

i had the new belt for the SDS kinda stretched out.. but that will be tightened soon..

i mean i would build boost only if i floor the gas pedal right?

i am kinda worried that i may have a leak somewhere... no?

any suggestions would be appreciated..

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if you're not under acceleration and at a steady throttle, then you should be pulling vac on your boost gauge. With stage 3, even with rather light throttle you will build some boost during acceleration.
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