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Question about the turbo size

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I got confused by your guys here. If I am right, EVO 8 use different kind of turbo. One is with 9.8 hotside and the other is using 10.5 hotside which is the same as EVO 9 turbo. I found everyone here who uses evo setup only mentions that he is using evo 8 turbo without saying anything about the turbo size. I am considering to go with evo setup but do not know which one to get. I did search here and got nothing. If I made any mistake, please correct me!
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Well MOST evo 8 turbo's are 9.8 hot side the 9's like you mentioned have the 10.5 hotside which is what most evo8 turbo owners upgrade to. Thae actual turbo is a Big 16g that's both 8 and 9. either one will work but if you can get the 9 w/ the 10.5 hot sid eyou will be able to spool it a couple hundred RPM's quiker
So u mean if I can get a evo IX turbo, the turbo lag will be smaller than the evo VIII turbo? Did I get it right?
it's not lag, it's turbo response............
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