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Questions about new 2008 Eclipse Spyder

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Hello Friends,
I had a couple of questions about the eclipse spyder? It undoubtedly is a very stylish looking car. I was wondering why the Mitsubishi brand didn't sell more in USA. Is it because it is unreliable? I am kind of surprised that I don't see a lot of eclipses on the road? In some other forums people told me that the eclipse is considered to be a very girly car. Is that the reason why it doesn't sell much?
I test drove the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder today and I found the car to be excellent. The only problem I have is that the car with it's top up has a huge blindspot. I was wondering is there a way to reduce this blindspot with some special mirrors? Another question is about the color. I was thinking about the sunset pearlscent which is a bright orange metallic color? In you opinion is the color too gaudy/gay or girlish?
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The Eclipse Spyder is a great car. Probably it does not sell as well because it's a mid-point between a young man's car and a mature car.

The car is very reliable, as far as the V6 goes. In Mexico we only get the V6 with the premium and "sun and sound" options. I've NEVER heard complaints about the car.

I recently bought an Altima Coupe. One of my options was the 4G. I did not get the 4G because:

1. It has a big engine with less than average relationship between displacement and Power. The car comes with a 3.8 V6 that outputs 260 HP. The Nissan has a 3.5 V6Engine with 270 HP. That's an 11% better output with close to 10% less displacement.

2. The Eclipse has a "less-mature" look to it. I kind of like the "older guy" look on the Altima.

3. I do not like the interior on the 4G.

I like Mitsubishi's product so far. I had my 3G and my parent's 2008 Lancer GTS to base my opinion on Mitsu.

A car is a VERY personal thing. If you are "feeling" the 4G Spyder, go for it. I like that orange colour you mention.

Blindspots, turning radious, etc... you get used to. You cannot get used to driving a car yuou hate.

Good luck with your purchase, do let us know what you ended up getting.
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Finally someone replied back to this post.
I have already bought a black mitsubishi eclipse spyder since the time I first posted this. I have noticed one problem though when I have the top up and the windows open. There is a flapping sound which is because of the top flaps a bit in the wind. Is this a common problem or something that I have to fix.
I love the 4G Spyder and I am going to get a new one once my lease is up.
I love the 4G Spyder and I am going to get a new one once my lease is up.
Well when u test drive a 4g convertible watch out for the flapping sound.
I rented a 4G spyder this weekend and lived it! I had the top up for a little and never noticed any flapping, and I was pushing anywhere up to 120. My only complaint was the back seat sucked.

I also rented a Saturn Sky ( I was bored this weekend so i went and rented some cars) and loved it as well. Only think that killed the Sky was no trunk space when the top was down.... but if I got the Red Line I could look over that part.
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