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Quick stock 3g wheel ????

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I have the 2003 Gt Wheels. I was wondering if someone could tell me the width of these wheels and could I fit a 225/45/17 tire on them? Thanks

These are the wheels in question. Thanks for you help. I appreciate it.
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they look like the stock 3g wheel to me.. hard to really tell from that pic
The GTS wheels are 6.5" width. I would think they are the same as yours but don't quote me on it.

I have been running 225-45-17's on my car since about 15,000 miles when the Goodyears were replaced. The tire size is just over what is recommended by for a 6.5" width wheel but discount tire's site says it is cool. I have 90,000 miles now and have never had so much as a nail even.

My car wears tires out really bad (15,000 and they are toast) but I have a very aggressive alignment and drive it hard and buy tires that don't last long. I don't blame it on the size in other words.

Just put the 225/45/17's on. That size is really generic and easy to find deals on.
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Yes, your wheels are 17x6.5" and

Yes a 225/45/17 will fit no problem.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
Wow honestly I never thought of that. Im actually looking for tires and every tire shop I went to say that 215/50/R17 wasn't common and it was more expensive.
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