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I have recently discovered that my rear frame rail is rusted through, bending and looks like it could crack. I need to have it fixed by a welding shop and have no idea how much that's going to cost. Its just 1 side and only the last foot or so of the rail.
Anyone had this done before or know how much it is gonna cost me? I went to a welding shop today but they were already closing and wouldn't put it on the lift.

Second thing. Knowing how bad the frames on out cars are, would it be worth it to have the entire frame forged or reinforced?
I am at the point where I have to decide weather to sell my car and buy something RWD to make into a racer, or keep this car and make it into a racer, which will most likely lead me to doing an AWD conversion.

If I decide to keep this car and make it into a racer, It would make sense to do the forged subframe and AWD conversion at the same time.

What modifications on the rear subframe are needed to do an AWD conversion? I would happily remove the spare tire holder if that makes it easier.
I know this question has been asked before and I could have searched but I am looking more for things that I could have a shop do at the same time as doing a forged subframe.

That brings me to another problem. If I do this I would like to swap a 5 Speed into my car. This is quickly turning into quite a major project.

So basically here are my questions.

1. How much do you guys estimate it will cost to fix this stupid bending frame rail

2. Knowing of this frame problem, (if it were you) would you keep the car and put the work into it, or would you have it fixed and sell before more problems show up. Even if I sell, I could still get another eclipse or I've been considering a 3000GT, authough I can't afford the VR4.

3. What is it going to cost to have a shop do a forged subframe? I know its going to be a rediculous amount of money that I can't afford anyway, but I would want to do that if I kept this car.

Sorry for the insanely long post but I need to make the decision soon and figured maybe some of you guys could help me out.

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1) Price varies completely. Take it to a local body shop and get an estimate. We can all guess all day long, but why guess when you can get an answer straight from the horses mouth.

2)There's no "frame" on the 3G. Like 99% of all cars, it's a unibody. The body IS the "frame". So you're talking about cuting and welding in a new section of the unibody. You said you want to either fix it, or buy another car and make either one a racer. Well, if you can'y afford a VR4, I highly suggest you to do neither. Sounds like you don't have the funds. I'd suggest either fix it, and use it as they were meant to be used. As a fun little daily driver car. Or sell it as is, for sub $1000, and buy an equally cheap car for daily driving.

3) If you can't afford a VR4, you can't afford the R&D for a shop to build you a subframe. Which would be pointless anyways.

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i would sell and buy a miata if racing is what you're interested in doing. good starting platform, great aftermarket support, and pretty much anywhere that races street cars, there's guaranteed to be at least another 2-3 of them there, so if you break something and don't have a replacement, better the chance someone nearby might have something that can get you by for the day..
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