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Quiznos Meet 6/13

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Quiznos Sub Store#9625
8111 N. Sam Houston PKWY West
Houston, TX 77064

Meet will start at 9PM-12AM.

Hope to see everyone there. Johnny and me went out there last time and it was okay for its first meet. Anyone want to meet up somewhere close so we can all cruise there together? Let me know. Probably want to be at 9:30-9:45. This is an all welcome meet so its not just a 3G meet.

1) No alcohol. No drugs as well.
2) No revving your engines or sounding your car horns.
3) No loud music. (please keep it at a respectful level)
4) Please watch your speed as you enter and exit the parking lot.
5) Please watch your trash. Do not leave trash on the ground.
6) There will be a diverse mix of cars and people (we welcome all kinds of cars). Please respect each other.
7) No street racing at or near the event.
8) No burn/peel outs. No drifting.
9) No speeding in the parking lot!
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You Houston people sure do a bunch of car meets. Don't y'all ever just call each other up and go shoot the shit like normal people? :lol:
lol.. well i know some of the regulars always ask me when the meets are so that's why i post it here and most of us are not that far from each other here in NW
maybe the next one then....
Quiznos Sub Store#9625
1) No alcohol. No drugs as well.
why you gotta ruin the fun for everyone?
i copied the rules straight from the local forums...
Is this one from Houston Imports? Looks like their template.
yea. the rules are pretty much the same for every meet. i just copied it for anyone that doesn't know them. lol
we went... our cars were in one pic but just on the side. Team Epik pretty much overtook the whole meet so all the pics went to them
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