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R/T vs EG Coupe

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Well, i'll start this off by congratulating the driver with a very nice looking honda. Ran well, and sounded excellent. We did several runs, from down low and up to the speed limit then shutting it down. (I dont think we got above 70 all night). Lots of interstate races and 1 dig race.

His car.

1995 Honda Civic Coupe 5spd.
Mods were
- B16 Swap (DOHC VTEC)
- Short Ram Intake
- Header
- Full Exhaust
- SAFC (Tune?)

His car probaly weighed in the Neighborhood of 2900lbs w/HIM :eek3:

My Car

2001 Dodge Stratus R/T 5spd
Mods were
- Stock Engine
- Cold Air Intake
- RIPP MOD's Headers
- Stock Exhaust w/Magnaflow Muffler
- Bad Front Upstream O2 Sensor = SES & Pig Rich
- Bad motor mounts :uh:

From the Rolls from about 20-70 I pulled about 3/4th of a car to maybe a car on him. One I did miss third and he caught back up to me for the win. From a dig I pulled him hard off the line, and he was at my back bumper, missed 2nd TWICE and he pulled back and put a half car. I then pulled it back nearly even, but he still got me by a bumper.

All and all good races, today im getting a new O2 sensor, and hopefully a tune from logicgate :worship: Then we're going to have a better run.
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