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Random gear shifter popping out of gear

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I know this has been discussed before, and I did search. My search skills must suck though cuz I couldn't find much on the issue. If there is an answer to this problem posted already, please forgive me and please point me in the right direction. TIA....

car is 03 GTS 5-spd with just under 49K on the odo and only mods are a CAI and catback exhaust.

As of late, my shifter will sometimes pop out of 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears when I press on the gas after shifting gears and the tranny goes back into neutral. This is very random and will sometimes happen half a dozen times during one trip, or could not happen for another half dozen trips. It also feels a bit stiff and a bit akward at times shifting into 1st 3rd and 5th lately like the shifter isn't traveling quite as far as it should or just simply doesn't wanna go. 2nd 4th and reverse have no prblems once so ever. I have noticed that this is more prone to happen when the tranny is cold and not up to temp yet, but it will do it when it's at operating temp as well. I know how to drive stick and have NEVER grinded gears on my Eclipse. I have made no mods to the tranny or drivetrain once so ever and clutch fluid level is good. I have not checked the tranny fluid yet though (haven't had time and forget exactly where the top plug is).

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Worn syncros. This usually happens when the tranny is being slammed into gear and the syncros become worn. This cause rough gear engagement and falling out of gear. Syncros cost about a dollar each, but it's taking apart your transmission thats a pain.
I'd remove the battery tray and verify that the shifter linkages and bracket are tightened down and not loose. If they are good then I would assume the problem is with the syncros inside the tranny ($600+ in my experience).
this is not my first manual tranny car. I've had several before this one. I shift smoothly and fully and don't hammer it or force it into gear either. I am not abusive with shifting. shifter linkage was mentioned, but I'm a bit lost on the tranny. I'm not very familiar with transmisions at all. what exactly am I looking for under the battery tray? I don't know what the shifter linkage would look like....
it's on the backside of the trans under the battery tray, do a visual inspection of all of this. Considering it's doing it on 1/3/5 only i would check your mounts to make sure your not getting excesive play.
Well, I had a strut that needed replaced (under warrenty) so I let Mitsu deal with it. Turns out all it was is crud and corrosion built up around the shifter linkage bushings is all. So that was all spiffied up and sprayed down with some penetrating oil. While there, the Mitsu mechanic suggested I switch to Syncromesh as well. Seeing how I was already there and it only cost 75 bones to do, I decided why not (yes, I'm lazy. :D ). WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! :)

I haven't had the shifter pop out on me afterwards and shifting is smoother and more fluid than it was the day I bought the car :)

Ordered up a relacement nose mask while I was there as well. I learned the hard way not long ago to NEVER put the nose mask in the drier - even if it's on the gentle cycle for only a few minutes :lol:

Supposedly, the newer nose masks for the 3G Eclipse are supposed to have a carbon fiber look to em. We'll see.
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