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I have a 2002 2.4L Eclipse GS with 192k miles on it. Its got the 5spd manual transmission.

So I stripped the hole for the drain plug on the (lower?) oil pan while changing the oil and decided I would drill and tap the hole, from 14mm to 16mm, and install one of those EZ Oil Drain Valves.

I didn't want the metal shavings from the drilling and tapping to get into the oil pan, so I drained the oil and dropped the pan. I drilled and tapped the hole, and the new valve fit great; no problems.

I looked at a service manual ( to figure out where the two small screws go, and marked the locations on the pan.

Cleaned up the old gasket, and applied a new liquid gasket, following instructions on the can. Let sit for 1 hour with screws hand tight, then 24 hours fully tight.

Got the screws all fairly tight (don't have a torque wrench, but I'll torque them at work) and waited as I said above. Then I added the new oil (5w-30 Synthetic High Mileage) and started it up.

Now here is where the problem is; when I have the clutch pressed in, it sounds like something is grinding.I hear it when idling with the clutch in, but not in neutral or in gear. Also when shifting. When I shut the engine off and the rpms really slowed down, I could here what sounded like metal lightly hitting metal.

Could this in any way be related to the pan, screws, or lighter oil? Or is it just my clutch? It was not making this sound before the oil change.

Also, I'm sure it's because the lighter oil, it sounds like I have a little lifter noise too, which I've read is very common with these cars. I checked the oil after I ran the car and let the oil settle back in, so I know it has enough oil.
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