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Raz_76 - good seller

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I had traded wheels/cash with Raz_76.
My wheels+cash vs his wheels.

After I had sent payment, he shipped the wheels with a tracking number. They arrived at my door flawless. Of course after I received, I sent mine. = )


I am very happy with this seller!
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This guy is a great Seller

I paid him on Wend. at 11 am I had tracking number by 1 pm and had motor mounts at my house by Thursday at 4pm. About 26 hours after I recived tracking number.

thanks man and I will buy from again if I need anything
I can vouch for this seller he shipped cruise control motor and i got it REALLY FAST!!!! He shipped item within 1 hour!!!!
Thank you very much u are THE FASTEST SELLER I DEALT WITH!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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