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rear lower strut bolt stuck

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k so i put on lowering springs a couple of years ago got some new kybs and the rear lower strut bolt wont come off used a breaker bar then a air gun with a 580 tq cap had to use a swivel socket to get in there any suggestions on how to break that beast loose or should i take it to a shop and have them do it
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If you use a Box wrench it will with from under and a hammer rubber or Metal and soak it with a ton of PB Blaster.
soak it with a ton of PB Blaster.
Agreed. That and whacking the crap out of it, or repeatedly hitting it with an impact wrench. It'll eventually break free.

As a last resort, you can hit it with a torch to get it bright red. By the time it cools, it'll have broken itself free. But of course you need an oxy / acetylene torch, a whole lot of being extra careful, and a lot of new parts afterwards.
aight thanks for the info ill see if i can get some pb blaster wish i had a torch its alot more fun
even a propane torch held on it for a while can be helpful. get it as hot as you can and then hit it with the impact again. remember that the swivel will absorb much of your torque, dont be afraid to ride on it for a while.
yea im thinking about bying a benzomatic and juicing up the psi n the compressor for more power
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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