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Rice Boy's 2004 WRX

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Sold the 3G and was able to purchase my brother's WRX for just a little bit more than what I sold the 3G for. (

- Epic Engineering lowering springs
- 18" Rota Subzero wheels
- Autometer gauge bezel
- Prosport boost gauge
- Prosport EGT gauge
- 35% tint
- Catless OEM uppipe
- Invidia catless bellmouth downpipe
- OAKOS Automotive Ansa 3in. catback exhaust
- Stage 2 tune, 18psi on 92 octane
- Hella Supertones
- JDM Rain Visors
- Neochrome lugs
- Rally Armor urethane mudflaps

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Clean subie:yum:
Good looking car. Has a pretty good mod list now. Future plans?
Clean subie:yum:
:yesway: Nice trade up
Thanks guys!

I'll keep an eye out for ya ;)
Haha, I usually see your 3G over in uptown!

Good looking car. Has a pretty good mod list now. Future plans?
Mostly just keep up with the maintenance, but maybe get a few parts here and there. I have to get the passenger fender repainted because the clear coat is coming off. Probably get a STI hood scoop, STI front splitters, maybe a knock off front lip, and if I find myself with some extra cash, probably new wheels.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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