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SamariRolle7's Eclipse Spyder GS :)

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I signed up on my birthday last year when i got my car :) and havent really posted my car, so i figured id post some pics of the 3g. it wasnt a birthday gift, im paying for it myself. had to get a loan for it and been researching and using the info you guys have posted and its been very helpful :) still have a lot to learn about the 3g but im on my way.
so far the engine is stock, waiting to get a AEM CAI when i get paided next. Sonars with a 10k hid kit
hella optilux 2500
black tyc's
smoked turns
MR short shifter
Invidia catback
I still have a lot of plans for my car but im always making sure i know enough about it before i actually tackle the project. still need to lower it with KYB AGX struts and intrax springs and get some 18" rims i think. im gonna end up getting black rims with a chrome lip to match so i think it should look nice :) im just waiting on my tax returns and the government check for that. but other than that, heres my pictures :)

A little dirty :(

Night time :)

i love my 3g, but let me know what you think. any input helps :) thanks guys.

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You need to post more only seeing one. Looks good though. You a ravens fan?
i fixed it, and yea, there one of my favorite teams :) sorry about the delay, i messed up when posting them at first haha.
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I see em all now. Nice work so'll look much better once you get that drop and new wheels.
thanks. :) i cant wait, just gotta wait til those taxes and stuff come in. then ill post some new pics :)
clean so far
The lights look really good at night. Nice work so far
I like it, silver is a great color. I'd go possibly with some new rims and it will look even better!
:) thanks, i wanna get some black 18" with the chrome lip, just gotta pick them out, theres a place over here thats doing 6 months same as cash so im gonna pick them up after i lower it and pay it off with a couple checks. cant wait :)
don't put yourself into too much debt over the car. I haven't done it personally, but I've definitely lowered my bank account to an all time low, so just a suggested warning :bigthumb:
haha, no worries :) its summer so im alright, will be working more. its all worth it to me, i love my car. but i appreciate the concern :)
I gotcha. well, looks good, we need more 3Gs like that down here in Birmingham. I'm the only one on here I think thats a member
Rims and a drop. Otherwise a nice choice. Good for you paying for it by yourself.
Its nice.
Nice, what part of MI are your from?
Sweet! Keep it up!
thanks :)

Nice, what part of MI are your from?
i live in southeast michigan, about 20 min away from detroit. and about 3 min away from mt. clemens. I dont know if you know where Chesterfield is. :) where are you from?

Nice and clean
i appreciate it :)
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