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SDS Install PDF?

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Does anyone have a copy of RIPPs Install PDF that they can Email me, if so please send it to [email protected] . Im going to re-install the SDS today and want to double check everything. E-rep will be given.
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Here is the MS Word formatted one if that will help: SDS Instructions UPGRADED2.wbk

I'll try and get the pdf posted on that same site tonight.
Actually... I'm not seeing a PDF version. I have the Black Box and Brat instructions in PDF but not the actual SDS manual. I'd love a copy of the PDF as well if anyone can provide. mark @

I'll host it once received.
I must spread before repping you again :mecry: Thanks Steve!
Thanks guys, e-rep to both, and we should try and get those in Stickies.
Thanks guys, e-rep to both, and we should try and get those in Stickies.
Great idea! I asked and received. :)

Bottom of post #1.
Anyone still have a copy of these instructions? The links no longer work and I'm having trouble finding my files. Any of the manuals would be appreciated but I really need the main instructions ASAP. TIA!
I have a "wbk" version of the original instruction sheets as well as pdf's of the BB, boost cooler, and belt sizes if you need. Just pm me with what you need, and I can probably get those to you sometime later today.
Once I get your email addy, I can send them to you at my next earliest convenience.
I need instructions for wiring of the black box an the brat box my email is [email protected] if anybody has them it would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone know of anyone selling a Ripp Mod supercharger kit for a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse gt? or can you please point me in there direction? thank you brothers. You can email me at [email protected]
If these are still available, would appreciate a copy for future maintenance.

[email protected]
One of the old RIPP employees who worked on the 3g platform sent me copies of the SDS install, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as black box wiring, belt numbers, and...something else.

if people need these, I can email them for future reference, as all links seem to be down everywhere.

just pm me an email or add it here. :fawk:
For future Reference I am now hosting these files so that we have access to them. I converted them all to PDF but that's all. Got them from Thermaltake

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