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The aftermarket oil cap that comes with the SDS appears to lack the needed gasket material needed to keep a good seal. Mine was fine at first but after 1.5 years i noticed a good bit of oil missing and buildup on the front right side of the motor. At first i thought it was bad news but after testing everything and checking it find that it was in fact my oil cap.

Fortunatly the fix is REAL simple:
Add on a factory oil cap gasket. Either take the one off the stock oil cap or buy a new one for a fat .90 cents at the dealer.

I dunno if its a widespread issue or not with the aftermarket oil caps but i have a feeling it is.

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Humm Have to second look that but I havent had a prob with that yet.. Had a leak for months on the oil sender line but after I fixed that it was all good....

Thanks for the heads up....

Check your Coolant overflow line.. Mine got loose the the SDS ate some of it down..
Now I run it over the shaft and not the pulley....
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