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selling car, need everything gone!

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Selling my car, need to get rid of some leftover stuff, more probably added later.

Passenger side oem pillar - $20

Boston G1 subwoofers 12" 200w rms - $75 each

Drag DR-17 Wheels with Cooper tires - $450 Price Drop!
Tires are pretty old, not alot of life left.

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PM sent for sony amp.. so dibs after you answer my question
send PM for clears
Good luck :bigthumb:. Why are you selling your car?
rockford amp pending

and im selling it because i want something with better gas mileage and more tunability.
and because i hate automatic trannys
yep just put it up.
thats the deal unless you know somewhere i can get an oem axleback or even just muffler
alright ill take the exhaust but i cut a corner off the flange on the stock axleback. i mean if you're selling the car so it wont matter anyway. it will just have two bolts holding it on instead of 3. let me know but i want the exhaust
ill take the tails
Intake, Reverse lights, Pillar, and Subs still available!
interested in catback, have good axle-back to give.
is the cat back good for the 04 v6 eclipse? if it is ill get it bro
Rims, Pillar, Subs, and reverse markers still for sale!
havent forgot about you. just having a hard time getting a digital camera to take pics of my stock exhaust
alright well see what you can do
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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