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selling eclipse, some parts must go!

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im getting rid of my eclipse so i can buy a better car (a car i know i want be tempted to mod) since im going to be starting college soon. i have alot of goodies, ill list them followed by the price. i accept paypal and money orders and am also located in allentown PA if u perfer to pick it up.


exhaust system-$100(perfer local pick up)
silver driver side fender- $50(perfer local pick up)
silver rear bumper- $70(perfer local pick up)
silver spoiler-$50(perfer local pick up)
passenger side fan- $ 30 shiped
intake system-$60 shipped

OBX adjustable cam gear-$50 shipped
carbon fiber hood elite lifts, got from hijacker never took out of package- $100shipped
volt guage from glow street "tinted"- 15 shipped
front sidemarkers 03-05 clear depo- $25 shipped

Greddy type RS BOV "STYLE" comes with connecting pipe-$40 shipped
9" intercooler never used-$100 shipped
7" intercooler-$90 shipped
wastegate (brand NEW but from ebay got this because he sent me two by accident)- $50 shipped
2 and half inch down pipe with t3/t4 flange with high flow cat-$80 (perfer local pick up)
AEM EUGO wideband -$250 shipped
450cc blue top injectors with resistor box- $80 shipped
oil block adapter from glowshift-$30 shipped

head with almost complete head swap----- no idea yet need to get pictures up of what i have
HKS cam's 272's- $380 shipped
HKS cam gears-$350 shipped
brian crower valve spring and retainer kit plus +1 MM oversized stainless valves (8 intake & 8 exhaust), 16 bronze valve guides, 16 viton valve stem seals, and 16 new revised lifters everything NEW- $260 shipped

if you need to see pictures on anything let me know the camera im using belongs to my girl so i need to get it from her. please NO LOW BALLERS. if u think my prices are ridiculous let me know im not here to rip anyone off. im an honest seller/buyer. ive bought many things here before and never had any problems nor want any. remember everything your buying is helping a kid go to college :twothumb: so be nice.

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Sent u PM for TYCs.

want to let you guys know if u buy anything this weekend everything will be shipped TUESDAY with tracking number given same day. reason for shipping tuesday is i work at Advanced auto parts...weekend shift 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. friday- monday.
I take the OBX header, whats your paypal id? is there anything wrong with it? pm me plaese.
what size gauge for voltameter?
wat brand is the exhaust and would it fit a 04 v6
52mm fits in triple pillar guage if u have one
its the stock exhaust and im not really sure.
wat brand is the exhaust and would it fit a 04 v6
yes it should fit perfect
Pm sent for ac pump and pass side fan

Multi pm's sent if possible please reply asap
TYC tails pending and OBX header sold. everything else is up for grabs. My paypal is [email protected] there are no dibbs or anything please its first come first serve.
Pm'd you about the a/c pump and fan..

im having problems with photobucket. everytime i try to go on that page its freezing on me ive been trying to work around it for hours nothings working. i have pics of the strut bar and aem eugo. also 8500k HIDS with new bulbs and 4 NEW spark plugs for 4cylinder eclipse turbos #BKR7EIX-11 ill try to get them posted asap if not ill use my girls computer 2mrw sorry for the inconvience
if you will ship the fender and its in good shape pm me. thanks
1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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