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Hey guys.

Its a 2000 Eclipse GT
5 speed
Exedy OEM replacement clutch - very smooth and strong, it wont hurt your leg in traffic.
ebay CAI (changed the filter to a K&N)
brand new NGK Laser Platinum spark plugs
Fresh oil change

It has the premium package so you get the Infinity system with 4 disc CD changer, leather seats, rear wiper

I have an extra stock rim (I have 3 others but they are bent you can have them if you want).

Car runs great, very smooth ride, it has been well kept.

I still owe on the car so you have to take over my payments, its quite manageable.

lawbadman/My Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 2000 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

email: ampyute at gmail dot com
phone: 216-269-2456
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