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Shine street Body Kit suggestions.

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Ive been very interested in the shine street kit for a while now. but just recently ive read some posts on here saying that the fitment is no good. does anyone have any idea about hot much it would cost to get put on if the fitment is bad, or perhaps what needs to be done if the fitment is bad. Im fairly new to this forum and this may be a dumb question but can someone help. thank you
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I've heard the samething about the ss kits, but I know there are some people who had to make very little modifications to make it fit right and others with more extensive work had to be done. I guess its the luck of the draw. And for price that really depends on how long it takes the body shop to work on it to get it to fit right. I knew a guy who had one and he just sanded those areas that prevented it from fitting right. I don't know though, maybe his wasn't so bad...Good luck if you get one!
if i'm not mistaken, the actually Shine Street kit is no longer made and all of the current ones are "ss style" kits. if you buy from a reputable company ( i think extreme dimensions makes one), you have a better chance of having better fitment.
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