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Shine Street, Brembo

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I have a few things for sale that I never used on my Eclipse. First thing(s) are most of 2 Shine Street body kits. Ive got 2 sets of sides, 2 rears. One set of sides are already fitted and painted and in great shape. I never put them on my car cause I never painted them. The other set of sides needs a bit of work to fit them. One rear is almost completely fitted just needs some final tweaking and paint. The other is a real project, im not even sure it can be fixed. It is cracked in the middle and a repair was attempted but I dont know how good it is. I received it like this. I also have a set of rear Brembo drilled and slotted rotors for the GT. They are straight and can go right on but if you want to turn them it cant hurt.

Body Kit parts, selling all of it together, will not divide. $350 + Shipping. Can ship UPS or Greyhound.

Rear Rotors: $60 Shipped

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PM sent about the flares that we already talked about... and I'll take the spacers as well.
how many miles on the rotors?>

Aren't you looking for the SS lip too? come on Ross, cut the kid a break :drunk:
I dont really know how many miles are on them actually. A bunch?? They dont have any marks or wear and are straight. I put on a rear BBK so I took these off.

Fender flares and wheel spacers are spoken for.

I dont have a SS front lip, I already sold it. Then the little bastard went and traded his car in 2 days later. :)rant:)
350 for the shipping.. pm sent
OK. Sale pending to [email protected]
Yep. Im going to be in Houston tomorrow and could meet you to give them to you if you want.
Ok. The guy who had said he wanted the kit hasnt contacted me or sent payment so the kit is back up available unless he contacts me.
Any. The only year specific part of a Shine Street kit is the front lip. I dont have a front lip so that is a non issue. The rear and sides will fit any year 3rd gen Eclipse 2000 -2005.
well damn i red that u sold 1 lip but since u had two kits i thought u had another sorry nvm then
No, I dont have any front lips. There is a guy with a 00-02 front for sale here somewhere though.
Still for sale. I need this stuff gone. Had two people tell me they waned it for sure then havent heard back from them.
can you pm me your best price for 1 set of sides and one rear lip please picked up
can you pm me your best price for 1 set of sides and one rear lip please picked up
PM sent to ya man.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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