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Shop needed to swap plugs/wires in MD

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Hey guys, Im trying to find a reputable shop/dealer in MD that will swap out my spark plugs and spark plug wires. I live in Howard County. I have a V6 so I'm not going to try and take the plenum off and screw anything up. I have bought a set of NGK wires and NGK iridium's along with an intake manifold gasket set. Just need them installed. Let me know thanks!
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Alright, so I called GW Motorsports in Lithicum, MD and they said that if I gave them my plugs/wires, they could replace them in an hour and it would only cost $75. Also they said they could clean my injectors for another $75 and also change my oil. Anybody had experience with them? If theyre legit then that is an awesome price.
have you tried Greg? he is an amazing guy when it comes to helping out.
They won't be able to do it in an hour...

I'm willing to bet they would only change the front 3 and not tell you they ignored the back 3, cheap places are shady like that.
yeah good point... i called Import Sports in Glen Burnie. They were estimating 3 hours for plugs/wires which sounds about right. The price seems more realistic. Looks like theres a sticky recommending them. Any experience with these guys?
so for anybody wondering, Import Sports seems like a pretty good shop. The only thing is that my check engine light is on because they said my throttle position sensor isnt bolted down right or something. Also, they knocked my cai loose so when I got home it finally came off and my car was gasping for breathe and died on me. But they seem like honest guys, plugs and wires were replaced, injectors were cleaned. He showed me the problem that cylinder 3 was having and the car is running great now.
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