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Should I debadge it?

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What do you guys think? Drop the V6 badges or leave em?

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I say get rid of them.
Bye Bye badges! plus it makes it easier to wax. :yesway:
I ditched the fender badges right away. I left the diamond-stars though.
Leave em. Someone may think you're sporting a GS or something...:lol:...jk
I personally like them, so i would say leave them.
I personally like it completely shaved.
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I ditched the fender badges right away. I left the diamond-stars though.
I have this same opinion.
I think you should get rid of the v6 and gt badge, if you still have it on the hatch.
and the verdict is in! thanks everyone for your opinions. i clay barred the entire thing yesterday and that took about 6 hours so ill pull them off before i wax it. now them 4 bangers wont know what hit em
Yea, when I got my car painted under warranty, I told them not to put on the "stratus" on the back, or the "sxt". I like the way it looks
Quick question about this. I already got the V6 and GT pulled off my car but I can't get all the residue from the V6 off of the fenders. I goo gone'd it and everything, but I'm afraid to hurt the paint with anything more abrasive than what I have now. You can't tell when it is clean but the moment some dirt hits it you see a retarded v6 outline....... sorry for the long post, but any ideas?
I've used a microfiber wax applicator with goo gone on it and scrubbed away. That did the trick for me. It also did not hurt the paint. When you are done, just put a little wax on it and you should be good to go.
i had that same problem go gone wouldn't get it off i used a rust buster like WD40 or PB Blaster spray it on and wipe it right off after a few seconds then wash that area good, It didn't eat my paint away or anything.
yeah wd40 or some brake cleaner. just make sure you dont let them sit. if you are wiping them away shortly after application it wont harm the paint.
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