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Slipping clutch?

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I apologize in advance if this is just another boneheaded question regarding slipping clutches, and I did research but am still not satisfied. In addition, I am really tired -- so this post may not be entirely cohesive (I'll try my best though). I've got a sporty btw.

Last week I noticed that my tank was almost empty (~1/8 left), and I do my usual check to see the mileage at that point -- to which the odometer only read ~235 (+/- 5 miles). That translates to roughly 18 mpg (filled up with just under 13 gallons).

I am aware that low gas mileage is a "symptom" of a slipping clutch; but the next one, I'm not so sure about. Whenever I am at a stop, the RPM's rev, but instead of revving up -- it revs down. Sometimes it will do this continuously.

One other symptom my tranny keeps showing is that it has never really worked properly in the sporty mode. It used to not want to shift up, or sometimes it would shift up two gears when I only told it to go up one. However, it won't shift up at all anymore (for about the past month or so). I've given up on trying to make it work.

I bought the car used from a dealership @55K -- Carfax never had anything related to that car reported to them (however, there was sure enough safety glass underneath the rear bench :noplease:). I was told that the tranny had only 400 or so miles (yes, related to that glass), and since then I've put 15K miles.

I believe that this covers the issues I've noticed with it so far. My brain feels as though it's fried, so please work with me.

Oh, two more questions: Is there anything else that these items are (or may be) characteristic of(?); and if it is a slipping clutch, what cost would you all consider to be reasonable (under typical circumstances)?
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If it is reving down during a stop but not going upa nd down like a possible stall then you should get the master cylinder checked out. It sounds like your tranny is not disengaging all the way.
Ah, and I usually average 23 MPG, and my driving style has not changed from the average. The only other time that I experienced gas mileage like what I described above was when I got my first 3G eclipse 2 or so years ago -- when I was flooring it all over town.
did you say sporty mode, as it sporttronic, as in AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION as in no clutch.

And if the rpms are fluctuating like that it sounds like a vacuum leak.
Okay, cool. I didn't think auto trannies had clutches -- my biggest hint came from the fact that the various websites that gave methods of testing for a slipping clutch always involved -- well, a clutch. But I'd rather put out my real thoughts -- stupidity and all -- and have it criticized, than stay in the dark.

Good input so far!
Uhmmm...Autos don't have clutches...but I see you realized that.

It sounds like a vacuum leak.
DUDE WTF, I answered his question days ago, quit postwhoring.
DUDE WTF, I answered his question days ago, quit postwhoring.
sorry stig, i don't really look at dates.. I just saw the thread at the top.
Uhmmm...Autos don't have clutches...but I see you realized that.
Unless you drive a BMW with a SMG tranny then it does have a clutch:fawk2:
Just so everyone knows in the future, or if anyone has the same problem and finds this thread through the search button -- turns out some of my SoBe No Fear drinks being slammed against the side of the cup holder sent some of the drink into that part of the center console. Theforefor, it dripped down into the electrical parts and slowly but surely shorted it out, which totally messed up shifting. I can now works the way it's supposed to!:D

As for the RPM's going down, I think that could be (in my somewhat limited knowledge) attributed to the throttle body having to be cleaned (but I did also have the two belts replaced). Anyway, the dealership performed $1300 dollars worth of work, which has resulted in everything being much smoother (it sounds much better!).
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