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Slows turning fast (and following napalm n them's footsteps)

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So my old thread is pretty much dead. Heres the deal....
T04B Turbo
Walboro 255
Aeromotive FPR
EVO8 Headswap
CR Pistons (possibly)
Supra 660's i need a resistor pack
Dual ECU's Until i can do tranny swap
I started the actual Build yesturday, we got the head off. Today was prepping the new head, and timing belt... Timing belt is a bia... so we will continue timing belt tomorrow... Once the old ones off i will begin installing all the new parts... If i have to drop the motor my pistons will go in, if not i am going to wait for a little untill i can find a new block. Heres the pix

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MMMMMMMMMMMM, so sexayyyyyyyyy. I want one!
F'in A bro!

Glad to see your progress!!!! I'll get that flange to you as soon as I can get it back from that machinist. Sorry its taking me so long....:happysad:
Still gonna try the T4 turbo, huh? What type of manifold will you be using?
2g manifold. the t04b is not much larger than the big16g on the outside atleast
Hey, hit me up if you still want my old shortblock. I'll be posting it up for sale soon
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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