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so much fuel its undriveable

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ok so the main problem is the car is flowing 42 to start and then nearly 50 psi of fuel pressure till the car dies.

compression is:
4 180
3 190
2 180
1 210

Yes i was in the midst of a turbo project. Id hoped the result would at least be simply that the motors blown but i can figure it out. Once again its back to stock. Flashed back to stock. I thought the injectors were the problem but its just as bad with the stock 240s.

Ill crank it up. Itll startup strong to about 12-1500 come down like usual but then bobble very badly. 1200 - 400 back an forth. An the fuel pres. just rises till the car dies. I can only drive off about 15ft before it dies as well. Its like the injectors are just stuck open. Only code im getting is 141.
P0141 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

I was hoping for a misfire code but no. Ive had the 141 for months and never had it do this maybe run rich but not drown the car in fuel. Besides that just the o2 heater. Theres no smoke, my water level isnt being lower so no headgasket. Ive replaced the Cpacks and wires, gone through 4 set of plugs now. Each time they arent wet just black as they can be with the electrode tip white. Ive become very weary of approaching stealerships now since i find myself explaining to them more about the car than them to me.

So now to my only "out of the ordinary" stuff. Its only happened twice and note the cars perfomance had not changed or been effected afterwards.

So here goes: 1st time was a 1st gear pull to 3k only about 20 mph just at the end upon decel i hear a !!"Plang-lang-ang-ang"!! sound. Funny trying to write the way some thing would sound...Id say imagine the cap of a pot or pan being hit and wobbling on the ground to a flat stop the way round things do. The sound didnt generate any vibration to the car as if it were something in the motor breaking to where you could feel it. My initial thought was i dropped an extra hose clamp or somethin had popped loose but there was nothing on the ground. I was logging that time and no knock or lean condition was recorded. My fuel and timing at that moment were just too low stress to be honest.

2nd time was even more low stress. This wasnt even after an acceleration. My apts. has a single lane driveway with a turn about at the end. i was at the end coming nearly to a complete stop to finish up a 3point turn when i hear it again. !!"Plang-lang-ang-ang"!! same sudden onset and duration.

Thats my only out of ordinary thing. my conclution ?? in a sec. This whole problem began with boost at about 5psi followed by minutes later misfiring and poor but not drastic idle. Which was between the wierd sounds happening which makes me think they might be unrelated. After letting it sit for a while it would run fine and slowly start to misfire again. Im wondering, could that sound be my timing belt skipping a tooth? or would that not even allow the car to function?? Also that compression check was last night so its not like theyre old numbers. Remember, everything is back to stock including the ecu. Any ideas on what could prgressively make the car drown itself??
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CPS?? IAC???

Don't sweat the 141. That's the least of your worries and it has nothing to do with this.
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