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speedometer cluster problem

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heyy eveybody

i been having a problem with my speedometer cluster guage .... first it didnt light up now that it does the speedometer doesnt work so i dont know how much im going..:dunno::ndance:

the fuses and bulbs are all working so i dont know what is the problem

any ideas on what could be wrong ? :scratch:

thanks apprecaite all answers :D
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Did you do anything to fix the light problem or did it fix itself? Maybe something wrong with speed sensor or drac, but if it fixed itself I'm betting on a damaged wire.
umm what i did was acutally switch the green sheet from the speedometer cluster board from a diffrent eclipse

i asked alot of ppl who work on cars and they dont know wat could be wrong so i have no idea either could be a damage wire like u say i dk know :uh:
check vehicle speed sensor
Yes, it might be the sensor. Look in the manual on the site how to check the VSS.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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