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Split wire loom question

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well, i did a search and didnt find anything so here goes.
I was looking at some colored split loom for my engine dress up and I wasnt quite sure if I needed the high heat loom or if the regular loom would work.
(I cant find high heat in the color I want):confused:
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If you are running it in in the same area as the OEM loom then I think normal loom will be fine. I haven't noticed any high-temp loom and I have disassembled almost the entire wiring harness. As long as it is not laying on a hot engine/tranny part then normal looming should work. Its been fine for me and I have the normal looming all over my enine bay due to aftermarket sensors, extended O2 wiring, upgraded electrical backbone, etc.
If you plan on doing a wire tuck, I would recommend high-temp wire loom. Otherwise, standard stuff is fine.
:scratch: what is a "tuck"? lol!
Wire tuck is when you redo the wiring so that it is hidden from view.
ahh, I see. Like under the manifold... Ya, I would definately use high temp stuff for that but color shouldn't matter so much as it would hidden :yesway:

I was suprised to find my injector wiring under the V6 mani was not loomed at all. just some electrical tape.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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