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Spring Meet 2013

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No one stepped up to the plate in months in the last thread, so screw it, I will.

I'm thinking BBQ'n and maybe something fun afterwards. (Go carts, laser tag, bowling, ect..) Needs to be on a Sunday, I work Saturdays. We'll BBQ at my place (I have a large yard with a shit-ton of parking).

Let's do it next month. July. Which Sunday works best for yall? 7th, 14th, 21st, and the 28th Interested? Post up which date works best. We could all bring one item (chips, drinks, meat... so forth). I live in Marlborough, Ma

When And where:
Chad's house. July 28th. @ 3PM. PM me for address.

Who's coming:

No-One - Bringing condiments
JermTheElf & MackTheElf - Bringing 'Tater & Pasta Salad
BostonSC4 - Bringing Soda/Chips
timster2833 - Bringing Christian!
ryandiaz440 - Bringing dessert
Pace - Bringing ?
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27th or 28th just the same for me. I'll be tuned by then!! :woot:
I work Saturday, Tim. If you'd like, yall can come down that night and stay at our place though.

Jer, what would you like to bring?
Potato & pasta salad sound good?

MacTheElf will be attending.
Is this an open event? Can I bring Derek and Ashley? And a legacy friend and his gurlllll? As long as they bring stuff?
Not if you say gurlllll one more time :fawk:

Looking forward to meeting the NE crew for once. I met 2 of you down in FL but that hardly counts :lol:
Iiiiiiight gurlllll

I'm excited. The Legacy will be tuned by then :eek3:
I can bring some soda and chips etc. I plan on being there Chaddy! Ashley I'm not sure about, but I'll be there.
Negged. Eat red noob.
Da fux. It's Derek. Give it back to him. Nozzle him.
That'll do.
Subie. Will it be there? Who knows. I'll be there in some sort of vehicle.

Still in... and wtf? ^^^
It's a conspiracy.... THEY'RE GONNA TAKE OVER
Show me potato salad
Il be there, may or may not have the talon. Chad is gizmo dog friendly? Cani bring mason? He is very good and mellow
Two or three ish works with me.
I'm having second thoughts about meeting you... :squint:
Let me know when you have third thoughts.

We have a lot in common...

Engineer... Bassist... Soccer player......

I won't have the Legacy on Sunday.
Sucks. What's the hold back?
Machine shop has fucked the heads up twice in the past 2 weeks. Now they won't admit to it this time (intake valves won't seat) so the heads are being shipped to a machine shop in CT.
Thanks for hosting Chad. And it was good to meet you all.
Was very nice meeting you, Ryan and his friend as well.

What was the name of the website to host 3D printed products??
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