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Sputtering when giving it full throttle

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I have a 2001 Spyder GS.,

It stalls at idle have to stay on the throttle to keep it running, it accelerates fine unless you push the accelerator almost all the way down. No trouble codes. Have already changed the ignition coils (because I had already order NGK coils) and has brand new NGK Ruthenium spark plugs and wires.

It also only seams do do it when it's rainy and cold, but I'll double check on that in the next few days because its been raining for a while and may or may not be related.

Any ideas before I start loading the parts cannon?

I'm thinking maybe the fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator.
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First of all, welcome to the group!

The entire factory service manual is available for free download at Section 13A and 13B are great references for troubleshooting everything related to fuel injection. There's a "symptom chart" on page 13B-21. Here's what the Mitsubishi engineers say for "When the engine is cold, it stalls at idle (die out)" pg.13B-448

In such cases as the above, the air/fuel mixture may be inappropriate when the engine is cold. TROUBLESHOOTING HINTS (The most likely causes for this case) :
• Malfunction of the IAC system
• Malfunction of the throttle body.
• Malfunction of the injector system.
• Malfunction of the ignition system.

There are additional steps to refine your troubleshooting and test individual parts like the IAC.
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