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I just finished installing a set of Infinity Reference 9633cf 6x9 speakers into the back of my 2001 Spyder GT. Since I still have the stock Infinity head unit, the list of possible 2 ohm speaker choices was rather limited. Compared to the blown-out 10 year old paper speakers that I used to have, these new ones sound absolutely amazing. If you haven't done it already, I highly recommend this upgrade!

Here are a couple of tips for future reference:

- Don't attempt this unless you know your radio code. Disconnecting the battery will lock the stock head unit.

- Accessing the rear speakers in actually easier on a Spyder than a GT. For the Spyder, there is a separate plastic surround for the speaker grill area that can be popped out without removing the entire side panel. Detailed steps for removing the larger rear side panels have already been posted. For a Spyder, you can skip all of that. Instead, simply pull the rear seat bottom up and out. Then reach inside the side panel from the bottom edge. You can release the snaps for the smaller side panel by pushing it outward from behind. Once the first snap pops loose, the whole panel should come right out. This approach will let you get the panel out without damaging anything while prying with a knife or screw driver.

- These kids on YouTube have got it right: Beginner Car Mods Ep. 1 - Speaker Install - YouTube

- Since you will have to cut off the stock speaker wire connector, make sure that you have some slide connectors that are compatible with the replacement speakers. My new speakers did not come with any connectors or speaker wire. A good crimping tool is helpful too. Check YouTube if you need some wire crimping tips.

- The stock speaker wire colors are:
| LF SPEAKER| +wht/blu -blk/blu
| RF SPEAKER| +wht/red -blk/red
| LR SPEAKER| +yel/blu -gry/blu
| RR SPEAKER| +yel/red -gry/red

- When installing the replacement Infinity speakers, it's possible to re-use the original four mounting screws if you partially screw in the bottom two screws and then wiggle carefully to align the top screws. It's a very tight squeeze, but it will work.

I hope this helps someone!


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1. you don't need to cut the stock connector-- there are adapters specifically made to plug into the factory harness. i know crutchfield is supposed to sell them with every order you specify the car model with.

2. i yanked my rear speakers-- they ruined the stereo image too much-- instead of the band playing in front of me, it sounded like he was on top of me...
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