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SpyderAuto Headers?

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first off this is my first post here! i searched but could not find any threads concerning headers from a company called SpyderAuto. i was looking at thier headers for my 2002 GT, has any one heard of these or have thier header system? the link to the headers ---->

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huh, looks like a good design. I didn't see a price listed though.
you can find them for around $500, not much info on them from any website i can find.
For that price, I would just go with the rpw's.
no one has heard of these?
no one has heard of these?
No one really cares - especially without a photo. THey're mos tlikely the same Chinese manufacturer that Megan, CMF, AMSS, XIR, eBay, and everyone else uses.

Just buy a quality set if you're going to do it.. RPW, HyTech, etc.
I think my megans are great. Why do you thing they are Not as good as rpw? I haven't had any problems.
i was just wondering, they make all sorts of other stuff too, and they show pics for there other products, im not planning on buying them just curious.
I think my megans are great. Why do you thing they are Not as good as rpw? I haven't had any problems.
It's been discussed over and over and over. Here's a quote:

Tearstone said:
Short tube headers are fine as long as there is a proper collector design and there is still debate on the equal length runners.

Short tube headers are FTW for 5speed cars as they provide more high end torque, since 5spd V6s definitely don't need any more low end torque.

Long tube headers are FTW for a sporty as they can provide more low end torque. The automatic/sporty transmission based cars tend to bog down with the longer gearing at lower RPMs.

In the case with Megan headers, they are an extremely cheap Chinese design that the rear bank was added to a straight downpipe which appears to be an after thought. Inferior design and my ECU Flash guy can't even make a good tune for customers that use those headers.
Oh ya, here's the manufacturer of the shitty headers:
Zhejiang Motorbacs Autoparts Co., Ltd.

Search around on Club3G and I'm sure you will learn MUCH more.
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