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SRT-4 or focus SVT?

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Since my 3g eclipse is paid off I was thinking about picking up another car. Which car would you guys pick and why? (SRT-4 2004 model or focus SVT)

I am leaning towards the SRT-4 because it makes more power, but I do like the way the SVT looks.
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If you will mod it and want easy cheap power, go with the Neon. Otherwise the Focus personally is a better looking car and you can mod it to look really good and make decent daily driver power too.

Or just get a 350z like everyone else does... ;)
svt focus is way nicer i think, but like you said if its power you want neon has it stock but they make superchargers and turbos for the svt i seen some pretty sick svt's my gf has a zx3 so shes also checkin out the svt's haha
Well I plan on putting around 1,500 into the car I choose. If I were to get the SVT I wouldn't want to convert it to turbo. The SVT or SRT-4 will be driven on nice days and just use the 3g eclipse as my a to b car.
Honestly, you can't go wrong either way - I know you will find a nice Low mileage SVT for a lot less than any SRT-4.

If you go for the SVT, get the 4 door. They look so much nicer. The 2 door looks like a little bean, IMO.
with the 1,500 I was thinking mopar stage one, cat back, and maybe look into new cams.
I drove a stock SVT a few years back and loved it.
honestly the only thing I am worried about at this point is how to get a pre owned turbo charged or super charged car check out for any problems.
yea dude i can see why you would be cautious about gettin a used srt lots of kids with money just wanna go fast i mean i wouldnt want my next car to be beat to hell not sayin that it will be. i would just be careful
A lot of people lightly mod their cars then turn them back to stock before they sell them to the dealer. Just be careful and check for any leaks, burning oil, oil on the coolant cap, smells like gas, etc...

But sometimes its easy to miss things. So use come knowledge when buying cars, ask alot of questions etc...
Imo I'd go with the srt-4. But thats a little bias because im not much of a ford guy.
The SVT is slow, but handles nice and is about as peppy as a 5spd GT. The SRT4 will be a bit faster, and personally I love how they look, sound, perform, but it's also always personal opinion.. and the SRT4 is going to run you a few more bucks.
From your list, I'd go with the SRT4. But my personal choice would be to pick up a used 350z or a used Evo. They both are sexy (well maybe not the evo as much, though its power makes it sexy), and are both beasts.
Personally neither. But if I had to choose one. I'd pick the SRT-4.
i would say neither, but if i had to choose, the skittle would win. Just be sure to get late 04 up because they came with quaifes.
Personally neither. But if I had to choose one. I'd pick the SRT-4.
Why not just save the money? Neither one of the cars you listed really seems like it's worth owning in addition to an Eclipse. If I were you, I'd be putting away a few hundred every couple of weeks instead of buying another car. In a few years you'll have a good heap of money to put a down payment on a house or buy a really nice car, instead of flip-flopping between two sub-standard cars. Just food for thought.
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