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Starter has Power but no crank

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3g Eclipse 3.0 V6
The starter is new, and started great a few times. Sounded like it was struggling to turn the engine over, like a dead battery. Now it’s not working at all. Tested the starter, it’s getting power and the bendix is moving, but it’s not spinning. It’s an

The things I’ve tried—

Charged battery (780 CCA, only a few months old)

Tried to manually bridge the gap between the power and S clip (same result)

Tested power and ground, everything is getting power, I have not however tested voltage drop when cranking, I don’t have enough hands.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, I’ve been racking my head around this for awhile?
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Have you tried cleaning the inside of the battery clamps, to ensure the current is making it out of the posts and into the wires? You might have sufficient voltage, but not enough amperage is making it from the battery to the starter.

If yes, then I'd try jump starting the car from another battery that's known to be good.
I just tried jumping it, no dice. The car does a battery that doesn’t fit the tray and it looks like the leads going to the battery aren’t factory.
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New doesn't always mean any good and that starter probably isn't new but just rebuilt and those really vary in quality. Some places actually take them apart then test and replace parts, some places just test the unit and slap fresh paint on it. 1st, make sure the engine turns by hand from the crank bolt. 2nd try tapping on the starter while someone else holds it in crank. 3rd, go get a different 'new' starter. If this starter works after step 2 then also do step 3 because it'll go back to not starting again. Did you get it from Autozone or Pepboys?
It’s a rebuilt starter from O’Reillys. The engine does turn manually.
It’s a rebuilt starter from O’Reillys. The engine does turn manually.
I'd just warranty it for another one. The big wire has power all the time and stays power when you're in crank and the little wire only has power when in crank but the starter doesn't turn, sounds like a bad starter. The little wire activates a solenoid inside that slams together 2 copper contacts that connect the big wire to the starter motor AND kick the gear out, those copper contacts wear out and stop making connection. Sounds like Oreilly's rebuilder just 'polished a turd' so to speak. I'd bet if you took the starter apart you'd either find those contacts look like shit or the starter motor windings have an open in them. That's the two most common problems for starter kicks but won't spin, behind of course bad power/ground.
I'd also inspect that battery wiring and make sure there isn't a weak connection in there somewhere. It looks like the previous owner extended the cables' reach by attaching additional cables. I'd start with the bolt connecting the new red cable and the old black terminal block. Is that making good connection across a lot of metal? (It should). Is the 120 amp built-in fusible link on the original battery terminal intact?
Sounds to me like it is internal in the starter. Bad armature or fields. Just because it is "rebuilt" does not make it good. Spent some time working in a starter/generator rebuild shop in my youth. They are SUPPOSED to test each one of them, but...
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