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Hey guys, I've posted here a couple of times now looking for help with my 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. This time I was smart enough to record the noises it makes when it won't start and hopefully you guys can give me a little bit of help!

Video 1:
Won't turn on - YouTube

Now, at first I was just holding the key in place; but at the end where you hear it keep clicking I was turning the key rapidly. I suppose it's probably not a good thing to do, but it starts the car after a little bit...

What I've tried:
  • Starter Tested (Fine)
  • Battery Tested (Failed)
  • Replaced Battery
  • Replaced Starter Relay
  • Replaced Clutch Safety Switch
  • Replaced Negative Terminal
  • This car has ~149,350 miles on it, timing belt replaced 79k

In this video I finally got the car started, and this is the beginning of it's cold start. Note it is about 5 degrees outside right now, so it's really cold. I know I need a power steering belt, but do you think I need any other belts along with that? Would this cause the no start?

Video 2:
Belt squeak - YouTube

Thanks for your help guys, any suggestions help!

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I know you got the starter tested, but it sounds like that's your problem. The clicking is the solenoid engaging but the contact to spin the motor is burned away after all these years. It's an easy fix on some starters, if you have a starter/alternator shop I would take it there instead of getting a cheap rebuilt one.
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