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Ok i don't want to sound like a noob here but i need some help,
Ok here is where i start, a few weeks ago, i replaced the intake manifold on my 3g because the part that connects to the throttle body snapped of completely, i was running fine until one day when i was about a quarter tank low on gas, it would not accelerate at all past 3k rpm, also if i pressed the gas more than 3cm (any rpm) it would have no acceleration at all and make a loud whirring noise (such as when you are at high rpms and let go of gas and coast in gear). Whenever i add gas it behaves itself strangely enough.

Im in college so i had no time to worry about this, just gas up and go. Recently i found out that if i have the clutch pressed down (both in and out of gear) and also in neutral, it would rev with no problems at all to redline. Im not a mechanic but i am a little car savy. I have done small engine work on a 94 camaro before and just the intake manifold with help on my eclipse.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this let me know thanks!

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.4L N/A
Mods: Apexi Muffler, Air intake tubing and filter, bass system w/100 amp fuse
160k miles
gets plus gas 91oct from shell or sunoco
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