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I recently got rid of my Eclipse in favor of better gas mileage for a long commute. I am selling off my subs in the custom enclosure I built. The enclosure was built to very specific dimensions based on the size and power of the subs. I am a serious audiophile, and these things sounded incredible in my Eclipse.
I will be posting pics as soon as i can get back to my home comp.

SUBS: $100 ea.
2 - 10" Dayton Titanic MK III (sold by - Speakers, Speaker Building, Home Audio and Video, Pro Audio, Electronic Parts & Accessories)
Power handling: 400 watts RMS/565 watts max
Impedance: 4 ohms
Fs: 28 Hz
Xmax 18.7 mm
Sensitivity 87.7 dB 2.83V/1m
Vas: .95 cu. ft.
Qts: .39

AMP: $250
Diamond D3 600 Watt Mono Amp

JVC Arsenal KD-AR7500

Again, I'll have pics up later today. I also have a JL Bass Control Knob (works with the 500/1) and the DIN Cable for wiring an after market H/U into the stock Infinity amp.
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